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Application of led fill light in transportation field

Issuing time:2019-12-20

    Now led fill light can be seen everywhere in life, and is also widely used in life, such as life photography, road monitoring and so on. With the wide application of LED fill light, there are many popular LED fill light brands in the market

    LED fill light is a solid light-emitting device, also called light-emitting diode, which drives semiconductor devices to emit light with a small current, consumes little power, is stable and high, but the brightness is relatively weak. Less heat and good heat dissipation. Stay close to plants without scorching. Based on this feature, the LED can be placed above the plant horizontally or vertically, so it can greatly reduce the loss of illumination and provide light effects.

    LED light, waterproof and moisture-proof can be used freely: store it in good weather and avoid direct sunlight; in rainy days, take it out to compensate the light. Low labor intensity, simple operation, suitable for farmers. In addition, the LED fill light is energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and highly efficient, with long life and no pollution.

     The disadvantages of LED fill light are mainly reflected in the electronic police and high-definition bayonet surveillance system. HD cameras need to capture high-speed moving license plates. The lower limit of the electronic shutter is usually set at night, so a high-intensity fill light effect is required at night. Due to cost constraints and the low power consumption of LEDs, it is difficult to achieve the required snapping brightness. Generally, it is used in video surveillance recordings. High-definition license plate photos are usually captured by xenon flashes. As public security and traffic police have higher and higher requirements for the quality of monitoring pictures, LED fill lights are widely used in electronic police, bayonet, intelligent transportation, safe cities, residential entrances, parking lots, and other monitoring projects. The original xenon lamp used for high-definition capture of the fill light was useful light intensity and had an impact on the driver. The LED light is relatively soft, so the xenon lamp will slowly be replaced by a high-brightness LED strobe.

     When purchasing LED fill light, compare several products from the aspects of lamp power, output color light, color temperature, luminous angle, working temperature, size, etc. In general, the price is the final filter. LED fill lights vary in height. The most expensive is not necessarily the most suitable, and the cheapest is not necessarily suitable. As long as the LED fill light is used, the quality is good and the price is affordable. What suits you is the best, there is no perfect product, only relatively good products. It is particularly important in the field of intelligent transportation.

      As the fill light in the field of intelligent transportation is based on different lighting methods, the fill light can be divided into two categories: LED fill light and xenon fill light. The advantages of LED fill light are: high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life and low maintenance cost; the shortcomings are low instant luminous energy, high cost, and short projection distance. The advantages of xenon lamps are: high instantaneous luminous energy and long projection distance; disadvantages are short life and high maintenance costs. Now many companies in the market are overemphasizing the advantages of LED supplementary lights without talking about their disadvantages. However, in a large number of engineering project practices, we have found that it is unreasonable to emphasize the advantages of a certain lamp in the process of use. After long-term application running-in. A good set of supplementary light use schemes are summarized according to different use environments. Different supporting schemes are used, such as: intercity traffic entrances and exits, highway speedometer bays, and other supplementary light distances are relatively long. Roads with more lanes are used ( Xenon lamp strobe light + LED fill light) or (xenon lamp strobe light + LED strobe light) are used together. The red light bayonet and the roads that are relatively close do not need too much power. The fill light can use LED (strobe + strobe) integrated lights, which can reduce the initial investment and maintenance costs and obtain good video and snapshots. Effect, see the license plate, model, and car face.

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