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LED shaped screen to the mass market is just around the corner

Issuing time:2019-12-18

    Since the advent of LED display, its market has been in an upward trend, and now the LED display market is showing great changes. With the improvement of people's economic level, the requirements for LED display screens are gradually increasing. In addition to the role of traditional information display, the requirements for the shape of LED display screens are also increasing, and the birth of special-shaped LED display screens can meet this. One request. It is understood that, compared with traditional LED displays, LED special-shaped screens are now more oriented to users with special needs. At present, they are mainly used in performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition halls and other environments, but their application scope is gradually expanding. In addition, industry insiders predict that LED special-shaped screens will soon reach the mass market.

     First of all, the previous LED special-shaped screen was mainly realized by the assembly or hemming of traditional rectangular flat modules, which could not solve the problem of seam and flatness, which will definitely affect the display effect of the display. In order to solve this problem, some manufacturers have developed special-shaped modules of various shapes, which can be spliced into LED display screens with various irregular structures such as spherical, diamond, fan-shaped, gem-shaped, cylindrical, and arc-shaped. . Such LED special-shaped screen can be well adapted to the overall structure and environment of the building. The size and size of the screen body can be customized according to certain requirements to meet the individual needs of customers.

     In addition, LED special-shaped screen, as a novel display screen, can play a role of modern decoration and atmosphere. It is already at the forefront of advertising tools that attract thousands of eyeballs. With the gradual expansion of the LED special-shaped screen market, in the near future, both individual businesses and big brand manufacturers can take advantage of this advantage of LED special-shaped screens to attract more customers. Introduce products and decorative environment to bring more economic benefits.

     However, although the LED special-shaped screen has many advantages such as diverse shapes and modern decoration, it has higher requirements for manufacturers' R & D capabilities and production processes. Because the LED special-shaped screen is different from the traditional LED display, the LED special-shaped screens have different appearances and different structures, so the technical requirements of manufacturers are higher. If the manufacturer's technology is not high enough, the overall appearance of the special-shaped screens will be beautiful. Have a certain impact. In addition, the structure and circuit design of LED special-shaped screens are relatively complicated. Manufacturers must have certain R & D capabilities to ensure the quality of LED special-shaped screens. Finally, the high price is also a major obstacle for the LED shaped screen to face the mass market. Therefore, manufacturers should improve related technologies and reduce manufacturing costs, so that the LED shaped screen can truly become a shaped screen that the mass market can afford.

     In summary, LED special-shaped screens have many advantages, but also have certain shortcomings. However, as a relatively new form of display, LED special-shaped screens have their unique appeal. I believe that in the process of LED special-shaped screens expanding to various markets, more and more people will recognize its superiority. Widely recognized in various markets, leading to the mass market. In addition, when LED display companies manufacture LED special-shaped screens, in addition to the improvement of appeal technology and research and development capabilities, they also need to continuously improve their creative space. They must form their own unique styles and characteristics to win the market with unique ideas.

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